The ENTRY LEVEL we would expect of a student enrolling for the full course is :

  • FCE / BEC Vantage : Intermediate
  • CAE / BEC Higher : good Upper Intermediate
  • CPE : Advanced

If you are not sure which examination to choose, please read the information on our pages.

We can also help you by sending you a test to do. You will in any case be tested on arrival, but it is always better to have a clear idea before you decide to come to England.

We find that many students hope to pass an exam that is too high for them.

If you are in a class that is too high for you, you will not improve your English, you will understand things the wrong way and you will lose confidence in your ability to learn.

If your own language structure is very different from the Latin European language structures you will need more time.

Generally speaking ( and for all nationalities ), if you have just managed to pass the FCE, with a pass level in all parts, you will need a minimum of 6 months to reach a CAE level.

If you were weak in any part of the FCE, that shows that you have a problem in that field and that needs to be addressed before you start a CAE course.