Why Zaccari's

We use a traditional approach to language teaching in the sense that we teach grammar.

This seems to disappear in ‘modern’ teaching techniques, but we have found that the students who have been taught only with these new methods do not understand how a language works and cannot correct their mistakes; if you wish to learn to speak a little in order to travel around, that may be enough, but if you wish to know how to write a language correctly, such methods will not help you.

A language is too rich to learn ‘parrot’ fashion.

Naturally we do not only teach grammar, we also teach vocabulary, we have conversations with our students and we make the students practise the art of writing correctly.

We use text books, books of exercises, newspapers, the best from the net, our own grammar notes specifically designed for you...

If we can’t find something suitable, we will write something ourselves. We also use past examination material for both examination classes and general courses.

We use interview material, listening comprehension material, reading comprehension material, and a series of tests to check your progress every four weeks.