The situation is changing in the UK. More and more students will have to pay for their treatment, in the same way as UK residents have to pay when they are abroad.

European Union Students

Until a few years ago, the majority of doctors agreed to take on students from the European Union as temporary patients and would see them for free.

This is changing however, and you may find that a doctor will only see you on a private basis.

Please note that you cannot just go and see a doctor and ask for tests to be done or medicine to be prescribed.

In the same way, seeing a specialist can take quite some time, and the doctor decides whether you need to.

You must not forget to bring your European Health Insurance Card (you will also need extra social security documents if you have a condition that needs ongoing treatment).

If a doctor prescribes medicine, you will have to pay the chemist £7.20 per medicine.

Non European Union Students

Some countries outside the European Union have a special agreement with the European Union countries.

Please ask us for more details if necessary when you enrol.

Medical Emergencies

If you have an accident or a sudden life-threatening condition, you will be treated at the hospital.

Any non-urgent treatment that you may need afterwards (for example physiotherapy) may not be free.


It is difficult even for UK residents to find a dentist that will treat them under the National Health Service.

Most dentists only see people on a private basis.