Maximum number of students per class : 4

Minimum age : 18

Level : Advanced

Availability : Twice a year

Duration : 22 or 23 weeks

Lessons ( hours per week ) : 20 hours ( = 27 lessons )

Course structure :

  • 15 hours (= 20 lessons) on Main programme to expand vocabulary, consolidate grammar, oral and written practice to generally deepen one’s knowledge and so improve one’s performance.

  • 5 hours (= 7 lessons) of general correspondence, composition, report writing, use of English, reading and listening comprehension, to consolidate the main programme work.

  • 2 hours of homework every day to study and reinforce the work done in class (corrected by the teacher).

  • Regular tests to assess the students’ progress.


Note : we make extensive use of available past examination material during the practice  hours so that students become familiar with the format and timing of the examinations.